Security and Infrastructure

With so many companies having their systems compromised, it’s more important than ever to have your applications professionally audited and your infrastructure planned out and implemented by certified experts.

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Smart Contract Auditing

Our full-stack developers are well capable of developing secure and scalable decentralized applications.

Application Auditing

Our experts can analyse existing code and make recommendations on writing more secure code / consult on which tests need to be written and perform QA services.

CI/CD application pipelines

Our applications experts will help you create your automated CI/CD pipelines in your choice of Azure / Github Actions and Jenkins.

Infrastructure consultation and implementation

With so many companies having their systems hacked, it’s more important than ever to have your infrastructure professionally planned out and implemented by certified experts.

Security and Infrastructure Services

A certified team of experts who can help you achieve your security goals.

Our security team have helped some of the largest organisations around the world secure and audit their applications to reduce the risk of exploits.

Our infrastructure team have consulted and deployed some of the largest networks; their goals being security, redundancy and scalability.

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Certified experts in

Our consultants Frameworks: C# / Javascript / TypeScript / React / Solidity / PHP / Serverless Jobs / MSSQL / MySQL / Redis /

Gluu Agency Services

Our team are on hand to provide consultation and implementation of secure cloud infrastructures.

All infrastructure setup is created as automation scripts so a whole infrastructure can be spun up and torn down in minutes.
These automation scripts can be built in your choice of Bicep / Terraform or Packer.


Frequently asked questions

We love it when our clients ask questions, here are some of the more recent ones.

We primarily audit smart contracts written in solidity, deployed on ERC compatible chains.

We have a range of different auditing packages depending on your security needs. Our most basic package checks for common attack vectors and provides recommendations on storage and optimisations.

Our team are experienced in node / .net / JS / Typescript / MySQL / MSSQL / NoSQL DBs.

We are also proficient on API best practices and interacting effectively with smart contracts.

Once we understand your application requirements then our infrastructure team will create a network diagram which is focused on security, redundancy and scalability.

We follow best practice to reduce common attack vectors on social engineering to gain access to your networks. These include multi-factor authentication, isolated instances to stop a sideways attack and secure key vaults for passwords and private key storage.

We use the same services when deploying our chain bridges for verification nodes.


Gluu Agency Services


Our expertise in blockchain includes DeFi, NFT, dApp, Smart contract and custom applications based on blockchain technology

& Design

Craft obsessed and creatively driven, our team of designers create intuitive, strong brands to set the foundations for successful marketing.

Web & App

Building custom scalable web application is our thing. Whether it’s web based software application, ecommerce or business website we can deliver.

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