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Create your own official merchandise store and allow user to pay in your token.

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White Label Crypto Merchandise Store

Our white-label merchandise store is a perfect way to add utility to your NFT and token project.

Allow your holders to print their NFTs directly from their wallet and pay in crypto on a range of quality garments.

We integrate our custom payment processor which allows alt coins to be used for payment. This means for projects which have their own tokens then we can also integrate these as a payment method.

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A simple and direct way for users to apply nfts to various high quality brands.

1. Connect Wallet
2. Select NFT
3. Select product
4. Check out via Fiat or Crypto

Branded Templates

Our design team adapts the merchandise store to match your brand.

All elements of our store are interchangeable to adapt to your NFT or token brand, including colours, brand identity and secondary branding elements.

Benefits to using our crypto commerce merchandise store.

1. Reliable Quality
2. Local Fulfilment
3. Smooth Automation
4. No Minimum Orders


Frequently asked questions

We love it when out clients ask questions, here are some of the more recent ones.

Yes – our system will restrict it to your project’s NFT contract. When a customer selects their NFTs to print, they’ll be presented with all the NFTs which they’ve purchased from you.

We only keep wallet addresses when we are tracking how much discount a customer will get based on which NFTs they’ve purchased. We also store basic delivery information pertaining to an order.

Yes – We have a discount module which looks up the customer’s wallet address when they’re picking their NFT to customise their merchandise. If you have a promotion running that allows to get a free item of merchandise, or a discount on their order, then we’ll apply the discounts at the checkout.

We can limit the discounts so that the token can only be redeemed once, so that even if the customer transfers the NFT to another wallet address, then we’ll know if the discount has been redeemed.

When offering this service, you need to provide a float which we top up with the vendor. It is your responsibility that the float is always topped up to continue to offer this service.

Of course – We can offer a range of fiat and crypto payment methods when the customer is checking out.

We integrate our custom payment provider which allows some alt coins to be used for payment. This means if you have other projects which have their own tokens then we can also integrate these as a payment method.


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