Web & App Development Services

We are a full-service technology and custom development agency expert in building cross-platform applications and software products for enterprise.

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Sell your products and services – which can use our in-house payment processing solution to pay in crypto or fiat.

Bespoke Solutions

From simple minting applications to full gift card solutions; our team will deliver a bespoke solution to fit your needs.

Payment Gateway

Our in-house payment gateway system can let your customers pay in the most popular currencies, and also in a range of alt coins.

CMS Development

We build multi-lingual, content editable websites to market your products and services.

Application Development

Our custom solutions are built in React Native so your application is suitable for iOS and Android.

Token Landing Development

Our marketed targeted landing pages are conversion driven to help secure your next token raise for your project.

Development Services

We have decades of experience in developing websites.

We are a full-service technology and custom development agency expert in building cross-platform applications and software products for enterprise businesses, startups and e-commerce stores with the latest technologies available.

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The technologies we hone expertise in

We have a lot of expertise across a broad spectrum.

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White-label Crypto Merchandise Store.

Create your own official crypto commerce merchandise store.

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Frequently asked questions

We love it when our clients ask questions, here are some of the more recent ones.

We work in solidity on ERC compatible blockchains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Metis and Avalanche.

Depending on your requirements, we would approach a content editable site in a few ways.

You can use a traditional CMS editor, such as WordPress. We use WordPress to make the development process simple. It allows us to develop sites rapidly and we use best practice to make the sites as secure as possible.

If you require a simple one page site for marketing purposes, we can use Contetful and React. Contentful is a simple headless CMS service which allows us to develop a marketing / minting site whilst maintining a website that you can modify without having to employ us to make simple changes.

We have mulitple options for an ecommerce website, mainly WooCommerce, Magento and Shopware.

Which platform we choose depends on your requirements. If the site is simple then we will use WooCommerce. More advanced solutions will require Magento or Shopware. All our options allow you to accept crypto and fiat as payment options.

Our team are able to recommend the correct platform with the intention of never proposing something that would be over-engineered.

All our mobile applications are built in React Native which is capable of being cross platform.

If there is a limitation in React Native that doesn’t allow us to use that framework then we’ll build separate mobile applications.

Our core team is capable of building any project using their knowledge of front and backend development languages.

Examples of previous bespoke applications we have built:

  • Crypto giftcard website
  • Crypto payment verification service for coins and tokens
  • Custom crypto payment gateway solution
  • Custom ecommerce solution, built from the ground up with advanced API interactions
  • EPOS, ERP and warehousing solution with realtime integration into the customer website


Gluu Agency Services


Our expertise in blockchain includes DeFi, NFT, dApp, Smart contract and custom applications based on blockchain technology

& Design

We develop secure and customized smart contracts that are optimized to save on Ethereum gas too.

& Infrastructure

Our team of consultants carry out the highest levels of certification in network automation / implementation and security.

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